Surgery Bundle (Pre-Op & Post-Op)

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Prepare your body for surgery and recovery like never before. Surgery, especially wound healing, puts a lot of stress on the body. This creates problems such as decreased immunity, increased inflammation, and increased stress hormone levels, which all result in an increased demand for solid nutrition. Forté Pre-Op and Post-Op provide your body with all the nutrients and supplements you need to have an optimal surgery and recovery experience. Designed by a world class surgeon, Forté Pre-Op is the first clinical nutritional solution to build up your nutrient reserves and prepare your body for surgery. Forté Post-Op is designed to support a quick and smooth recovery, getting you back to daily life with decreased recovery time and stress.

Forté Pre-Op Function:

  • Preloads your body with nutritional elements designed to improve surgical results and recovery
  • Helps you feel stronger and more energized during recovery
  • Restores your body’s supply of red blood cells
  • Accelerates wound healing and reduces the risk for infection
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Aids in tissue repair and reduces pain

Forté Post-Op Function:

  • Helps you feel stronger and more energized during recovery
  • Includes protein and key nutrients and key amino acids for tissue and muscle regeneration
  • Boosts immune system function and reduces risk of post-op complications
  • Contains nutrients that accelerate wound healing by as much as 25%
  • Restores your body’s supply of red blood cells
  • Reduces pain with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory elements
  • Stimulates cell regrowth and restoration the nutrient, Folic acid
  • Includes probiotics for a healthy balance of bacteria, supporting immune system function digestion, and aiding in recovery

Forté Pre-Op: Take for two weeks prior to surgery or as directed by your healthcare provider. 

Forté Post-Op: Take for 30 days following surgery or as directed by your healthcare practitioner

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Product Overview

The entire process of surgery is extremely physically demanding, and being unprepared for it can cause serious problems. Mortality rates have been observed to be higher in patients who undergo surgery malnourished, and wound healing can take much longer if the body doesn’t have what it needs to properly heal once the surgery is complete. Forté Pre-Op helps to prepare your body for surgery with the right nutrients in preparation for the upcoming physiological and metabolic stress. Forté Post-Op provides a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements that have been shown to support immune system function, tissue repair and wound healing, which may help to enhance recovery.