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Formulated by an accomplished surgeon searching for science-based solutions to help his patients recover better, faster, and stronger, Forté Pre-Op and Post-Op formulas are the best & safest available to experience ideal results during and after your surgery.

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Product Overview

Surgery puts extreme stress on the body, leading to increased energy, vitamin and protein requirements. Poor pre-operative nutrition status has been linked to a higher risk of post-operative complications, including infection and slow wound healing. Recent advances in nutrition emphasize the concept of “prehabilitation” – providing nutritional support to best prepare the body prior to surgery.

Forté Pre-Op helps to pre-load your body with the right nutrients before surgery in preparation for the upcoming physiological and metabolic stress. Our potent blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements supports immune function, tissue repair and wound healing to aid in recovery of the body after surgery.

This supplement is best used in conjunction with Forté Post-Op, which provides nutrient support after surgery.

Forté Post-Op provides a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements that have been shown to support immune system function, tissue repair and wound healing, which may help to enhance recovery and return to baseline function. Surgery results in a variety of physiological and metabolic responses, including decreased immunity, increased inflammation and increased stress hormone levels, all of which result in increased nutritional requirements after surgery. Supporting the body with appropriate nutrients in the post-operative period may help to support immunity and accelerate recovery.

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