Forté Amino Acid

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Amino Acids are the basic building blocks of the human body. Forté Elements offers four essential amino acids in one product for everyday health that is scientifically proven to increase your stamina, decrease recovery time, boost your immune system and improve your performance.

Forté Amino Acid Function:

  • Generates proteins needed for tissue repair
  • Improves arthritic conditions and prevention
  • Facilitates calcium absorption and storage in bones
  • Supports skin, hair, and nail health
  • Includes anti-aging benefits
  • Improves results of Forte Brain, Nerve, Joint, Prenatal Plus, and Postnatal
  • Increases energy and revitalization

Usage: Forté Amino Acid supports improved results when taking Forté Brain, Nerve, Joint, Prenatal Plus, and Postnatal.

Save 5% and get Free Shipping. Learn more

In stock

Save 5% and get Free Shipping. Learn more

Auto-Ship price: $44.65

Formulated by Doctors and Physicians

This product was designed by licensed medical doctors and experienced PhD formulators, using clinical studies published in peer-reviewed scientific, medical, and nutritional journals. Forté Amino Acid supports everyday health and rejuvenation.

Product Overview

Protein is integral to nearly all biological processes, and amino acids are crucial to the development of protein. It is ideal to strive for a balanced diet that provides a sufficient amount of amino acids, but it is not always easy to do so. Vegetarians, and especially vegans, might find difficulty in getting a healthy variety of amino acids from their plant based or alternative diet. Trauma victims or surgery patients have an increased need for vital amino acids that may not be met by their food intake alone. Athletes and other with a physically demanding lifestyle require increased nutritional supplementation to see results and muscle recovery. Forté Amino Acid is a combination of four different amino acids that supplement a balanced diet, aid in recovery from chronic or acute health conditions, surgery or trauma, support a healthy nervous system, and promote improved performance.


Arginine impacts many of your body’s vital processes. Arginine supports cardiovascular health by using arginine to form NO (nitric oxide) which:

acts as a vasodilator

improves blood flow

improves blood pressure

Additionally, arginine supports:

  • the immune system;
  • bone health;
  • insulin resistance;
  • memory;
  • wound healing;
  • lowering of complications during healing and recovery periods.


Glutamine is a powerful amino acid that supports the restoration of cellular energy stores and the health of multiple systems throughout your body.

Glutamine supports your:

  • skeletal system through the synthesis of new bone structure;
  • muscular system because it is required by your muscles more than any other amino acid making it essential to a healthy and active lifestyle;
  • brain and nervous systems because it is a neurotransmitter that influences parts of your brain;
  • immune system because it has antibacterial properties.


Taurine is critical to many body systems and functions. Taurine provides:

  • an important antioxidant supporting the detoxification process and protecting against oxidation;
  • support for the cardiovascular system;
  • support for the development and function of skeletal muscle;
  • critical support for the brain and central nervous system.


Taurine is important for brain, retinal, and muscle tissue integrity and function.


Lysine is important for normal growth and development of bone and other tissues. Lysine supports:


  • the absorption of calcium;
  • the formation of collagen, a structural component of bones, and connective tissues, including skin, tendons, and cartilage.


Lysine also plays an important role in the production of carnitine, a nutrient responsible for converting fatty acids into energy and helping lower cholesterol levels.

Some studies suggest lysine can increase the effectiveness of arginine in promoting the release of human growth hormone (HGH) which is essential to human development.


It is critical to many-body systems and functions.


Serine is beneficial physically and mentally. It is essential for the formation of tryptophan which is linked to overall mental health. Serine supports:

  • a healthy immune system;
  • the functioning of the brain and the rest of the central nervous system;
  • muscle formation;
  • the formation of phospholipids required for cell production;
  • the function of RNA, DNA;
  • the metabolism of fats and fatty acids.

Studies also suggest serine supports the myelin sheath protective layer of the body’s nerves and nerve signaling abilities.